My liberal rant (cont.), or a half-assed explanation of why banning Canada Day on Dalhousie University is stupid.

I would have to admit that the post I had written yesterday, titled creatively “My liberal rant,” had as little reason in it as many extreme liberals’ minds. So here in this post, I will try to explain why banning Canada Day in Dalhousie University is utterly stupid.

First, if they truly believe in supporting Aboriginals, then why don’t they go out and do something, perhaps fundraising, that actually benefits these Indigenous people who have been, as they call it, “oppressed” by Canada? Sure, our history have been littered with residential schools and atrocities far greater than what extreme liberals have done to our world today. That doesn’t warrant them the right to trash a national Canadian holiday because of some atrocity that has relatively been resolved by the Canadian government. Perhaps, their goal was to exploit their positions of power and bring awareness. But my question to them is the same for any other protester: bring awareness to what?—to the fact that they are protesting, or to the fact they are not aware of the progress the Canadian government has attained towards a healthier relationship?

The Facebook post also calls out Canada day for being an “act of ongoing colonialism.” How can colonialism still exist if Aboriginals are granted the same rights as every single white person? How can Aboriginals still suffer from so-called “ongoing colonialism” if they are offered benefits no one else has? Sure, people can complain all they want about how the Canadian masses are uninformed about Canada’s past atrocities and who came to North America first. These masses are comprised of immigrants and those who have not gone through the recent reformed K-12 education system. They were rather educated when the government was still unshameful of its actions on Aboriginals. Canada’s education system today, however, consists of learning about all of Canada’s history including the dark sides, and meeting with Aboriginal leaders to learn first-hand of these experiences. My answer to the liberals still complaining about the “uneducated masses?” Just wait for the students who will have gone through the reformed education system to graduate. In the meanwhile, please, don’t do anything too stupid while these students are being informed about the “dark side of Canadian history,”



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